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Our Partners

National airline of Turkey.

Provides quality construction services in Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Provider of quality air filtration and purification products, including compressor equipment, compressed air cleaning systems, power supplies, gas turbines, dust collectors and clean room facilities.

Produces coronary stents, balloon catheters, diagnostic and guiding catheters. The company was founded in 2007.

One of the largest private companies in Turkey specializing in rescue, towing, and marine construction.

Largest private bank in Turkey.

The Turkish bank ISBank is the leader among private banks with assets totaling 161.7 billion Turkish lira. ISBank is the largest private bank based on assets, the total amount of loans, and the deposit base.

A world leader in pizza delivery.

Founded in 1960 in the USA, Domino’s is a recognized world leader today in pizza delivery.

Clothes and denim manufacturer.  Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. The company manufactures jeans for men and women. The company has branches in the USA, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and Australia.

Zorlu Holding is one of the largest enterprises in Turkey and its operations include textiles, household appliances and electronics, process manufacturing, energy and financial services.