Our firm

UBLaw is an international full-service law firm which combines in-depth legal knowledge, practical experience and personalized attention to clients.

UBLaw provides world-class legal services. Our reputation and outstanding experience are recognized by the international rating Legal 500.

UBLaw provides comprehensive legal services based on commercial realism tailored to each client.

Effectiveness is the basic principle ofUBLaw.We always offer clients several alternative solutions, so that the most appropriate option can be chosen. For tackling complex assignments, a working group of experts with different competencies is created to cover all the specifics of a case.

We respond to our clients' needs promptly, providing timely services, and strive to develop a long-term relationship with each client based on mutual trust and thorough understanding of clients' unique business operations.

UBLaw is ideally located in the commercial center of Moscow, providing our clients with easy access to our firm. Furthermore, our network of partners around the world enables us to provide unrestricted services in all areas of law in various jurisdictions.

Mission & Goal

We help our clients to implement their business ideas
by navigating any legal disputes. Our goal is to add value
to our clients' businesses by providing
professional legal services.
UBLaw's philosophy
  1. Quality — we comply with international legal service delivery standards.
  2. Confidentiality — we keep our clients' information in strict confidence.
  3. Responsibility — we guarantee the quality of our solutions.
  4. Effectiveness — UBLaw always offers clients several alternative solutions.
  5. Professionalism — we take on a case only if our skills and expertise match the problem to solve.