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One of the areas that UBLaw experts practice is assistance to airlines.

Yuri Morozov, a lawyer specializing in Russian and international aviation law, is head of the division responsible for providing assistance to airlines.

Yuri Morozov and his team have implemented a number of major projects for domestic and international airlines in Russia, in particular:
  • Advisory services for a major foreign airline on VAT payment, VAT exemption in several Russian regional airports.
  • Advice on aeronautical fees. Reduction of aeronautical fees by 20% through high-volume legal work with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and Rosaviatsia.
  • Reversal of tax authorities' resolutions on taxes, penalties and fines levied on a foreign airline.
  • Establishment of representative offices of international airlines in Russia.
  • Legal support in transferring an international airline from one Moscow airport to another.

Working as the airlines' representatives, UBLaw's specialists ensure the continuous operation of the client's company by assuming all legal aspects of its activity, ranging from responses to passenger claims to interacting with government authorities.

Media, Telecom, IT

Cross-industry telecommunications is one of the fastest-growing areas of UBLaw's practice.

The main services provided by UBLaw in this field are:
  • Handling issues of corporate law
  • Advice on telecommunication companies' activities
  • Advice on antitrust law in communications
  • Handling licensing issues
  • Land laws, real estate and construction
  • Defending communication service providers in court


UBLaw engages specialists experienced in handling energy industry projects.

UBLaw successfully supports power plant activities in Russia. In providing assistance, UBLaw succeeded in indemnifying energy companies from government bodies' claims at the pre-litigation stages and in challenging the resolutions of government bodies. Whenever expertise is needed to defend a client, UBLaw specialists call upon industry experts.

We provide a full range of legal services for energy companies, including:
  • Legal support in reorganization of the business.
  • Assistance in contractual work, including internal service agreements, performance contracts, contractor agreements, handling issues related to utility connection.
  • Representation during claim-related work.
  • Antitrust audit.

Real Estate

UBLaw provides consulting services on all aspects of the construction of real estate. Our expertise includes:

  • Public dining places;
  • Development of residential and mixed-use projects;
  • Finishing work.

Our lawyers work with builders, property owners, and investors in construction projects. We arrange negotiations and provide legal aid on a full range of construction documents. UBLaw's specialists are proud that while ensuring our clients' business activity despite of the scope of the building and construction work, our contracts are concluded quickly and efficiently and reflect:

  • clear, coordinated approach;
  • flexibility;
  • timeliness;
  • clarity.

We also advise during the development process, handle issues, and resolve potential disputes at the early stages.


UBLaw includes professionals in different areas of law, administration and finance, allowing us to achieve the best results for our clients in the banking sector. Our specialists provide various types of support to financial institutions, ranging from a bank's debt collection to the internal relations between banking structures.

We offer comprehensive transactional support to raise the share and debt capital and ensure other operations related to attracting funds, investment projects, and debt restructuring.

We participate in IPO projects, including the preparation of a prospectus, conducting due diligence, and composing a legal opinion on the aspects of domestic law.


UBLaw provides a full range of legal services to retail companies. Our clients include major retailers as well as smaller companies selling their own manufactured goods. We advise retail companies on aspects of tax and customs laws, protection of intellectual property rights, and other legal issues.

Some of our completed projects include:
  • Legal support and advice to foreign companies in Russia.
  • Advice on the importation of goods intended for resale through the lens of tax and customs laws.
  • Legal support in the state registration of intellectual property.
  • Drafting and analysis of commercial agreements.
  • Advice on advertising campaigns and the provision of equipment to shops.
  • Preparation for and assistance in inspections.
  • Assistance to the retail company in all aspects of taxation and customs.
  • Transactional support and due diligence of the assets being acquired.
  • Protection of clients' interests in commercial disputes.

Food service, restaurants

Consumer demand and changes in buying habits provide a wide array of business opportunities in the field of expansion and diversification. However, a complicated scope of industry regulations around the world and growing expenses and competition for market share create difficult conditions for development.

Our team protects the activities of major players in the food service industry in many ways. We truly understand our markets, enterprises, and strategic targets. Our lawyers are proud of their in-depth knowledge of the industry and their ability to provide proper, timely and quality assistance.

UBLaw offers a full range of services and strategic advice to meet all your legal needs, including:
  • Risk management;
  • Interaction with vendors and legal support of the supply chains;
  • Advice on compliance issues related to the food service industry;
  • Advice on labeling food products, both domestic and imported, bringing the labeling of food products into compliance with legal requirements;
  • Advice on regulatory certification and licensing;
  • Development of a Guide on labeling food products in accordance with Russian and CIS laws and the client's corporate policy for the major network of fast food restaurants.



UBLaw supports Russian and international insurance companies in all areas of law. The scope of services covers a wide variety of issues, ranging from developing agreement templates to insurance and taxation issues related to major construction.

The company has proven experience in representing both the insurant and the insurer in disputes where the insurance settlement is up to 15 million rubles.


UBLaw provides a full range of legal services to agricultural companies:

  • Transactional support on the purchase and sale of an agricultural business, including transactions in the regions.
  • Due diligence of land rights and support of land transactions.
  • Consulting services and representation of clients before courts on transfer pricing issues.
  • Dispute resolution, including challenging the tax inspection results. 
Mechanical engineering

UBLaw provides services to companies from various mechanical engineering sectors, including ship builders and railway transport providers.


  • Support in various transactions.
  • Representation before courts, etc.